KakaSaku Week Day 4: Public Disapproval

They never planned to reveal their relationship. It is private. It is personal. It is something that rightfully belongs only to them. So naturally, as what mostly happen to something you try so hard to keep as a secret, their story spread faster than a wildfire could through the forest surrounding the village.

There were mixed reactions. Those closest to them were genuinely happy for them and did not fall short on obligatory congratulations and supported them wholeheartedly. Few decent individuals were skeptic at first but decided that it is really none of their business. Some smart ones just doesn’t give a damn and were busy living their own lives.

However, they were both public figure - the village’s finest and the Hokage’s apprentice. 

So the majority of the consensus down righted condemned it. 

They said it was wrong. They said it broke years of unwritten and taboo rule against a teacher-student relationship. They said it was disgusting that someone of his caliber and who is, or maybe it should be was, think highly of and very well respected stoop so low into seducing his own student. Never minding the fact that it takes two consenting individuals to form a relationship. Some hostile ones even went as far to shout names similar to ‘cradle robber’ and ‘old pervert’ behind his back and in front of his face. Further ignoring the truth that she is an adult capable of making her own decisions.

He never let it bother him because it shouldn’t. But for one split and very microscopic bit, the stares feel a bit uncomfortable, the murmurs sounded a bit too loud, the snickers made his head turn faster and if it was hard to breathe in crowded places before - it was down right suffocating now.

He never really did care about what people thought. He reads porn in public for crying out loud! He supposed it is inevitable to feel the weight of it sometimes. Public opinion did robbed him the lives of his father and mother.

If it bothers him a bit, he wonders how it made her feel and how she takes it. But when he looks at her, he feel no need to ask. 

He sees the sparks shining from her green eyes. He feels the warmth from the touches that lingers a bit longer than before. He hears the affectionate note in her voice whenever she calls him and the chime in her laughter for something he said that wasn’t quite funny to him but seemed to be so amusing to her. It dawned on him how she seemed to be more alive, so much full of life and so damn beautiful whenever they were together. 

From time to time, he does asks her if it bothers her anyway. She would always shake her head a little, stare vaguely at a distance and look back at him that makes him hold his breath.

Then she would smile a little and whisper,

‘Idiot, I choose you.’